Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today's multi media exercise: Justin Bieber's appearance at Strathallan College.

I was there for work, seeing as the school is in my suburban paper round, and while pen and paper would have sufficed for that, I decided to wake my iphone up from its slumber and try a few of my apps.

Unfortunately the school doesn't have great coverage so trying to send a tweet and a twitpic was a slow process... but, interestingly when I did get the tweet out (and keeping in mind only media were there) I didn't get any tweets back...

I also put the pic up on FB and again... not much.

Then the we the media had to move and I got so tangled in my iphone, camera, camera bag, note pad and handbag I fudged all the good shots - of fans in white singlets with his name across their chest, girls screaming, kids running, pushing... all sorts.

So not sure... some of the online reporters did listen, type and file so I guess they'd argue new media platform won today.

But I did file somethings... (flick through Stuff's gallery).

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